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For those who were wondering where we have up shop: Yep! This is the ‘other’ workplace! And yes, it is soooooo COLD in there right now! Come and check our site out frequently to see what we are up to! And if you are reading this from facebook, please, find the time to like us there, too! All votes are greatly appreciated! 🙂

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The Shop

Hi All!

Well, here is where it gets done! I’m talking about our letterpress printing. It’s not a trendy art space… it’s our garage, in our home in beautiful North Vancouver BC. There’s no commute and it’s easy to be together here, dogs and all! Had you seen the space 6 months ago, you would have doubled over laughing when I told you “I wanna set up my print shop in here!”. This is now proof to many that when you need to move mountains – YOU CAN! Mountains of crap! Seriously, my wife and father said it was impossible, but I showed them that with time (months) and effort (lots of sweat) the stuff you want to happen – happens! It’s a work in progress and continually changing as we acquire equipment and material, and by no means perfect . It’s COLD in the winter,  HOT in the summer…

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Work was just plain pain yesterday!   Dealing with customers is becoming increasingly irritable.  They constantly bombard us with their time-consuming requests for better quality in the shortest time possible but at cheaper prices!  What once used to be a productive but relaxed atmosphere is now replaced by a plethora of useless paperwork and often times futile meetings that consumes most of my time of the day!  And yesterday was one of those!  Ah well, it’s in the past now – I’m moving on!

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