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Not too bad, Mr. Kutcher!

A few evenings ago, I watched the much-anticipated premiere of Two And A Half Men, Season 9.  It actually was a pretty good show.  But I think, the producers should have omitted the opening scene at the funeral altogether.  Having all of Charlie’s ex-girlfriends dissing him during a – what I would consider – pretty serious scene, seemed tasteless to me.  It seemed ‘forced’.  Instead of just moving on to a ‘new’ season, it felt as if the producers still couldn’t let go of the Charlie Sheen fiasco graciously.  Ok, the real Charlie was no angel, but he did take the show to the popularity it now enjoys!

I did, however, love the way they dealt with the introduction of Ashton Kutcher’s character, Walden Schmidt.  Alan is about to step out onto the balcony to scatter Charlie’s ashes on the beach when the camera pans towards the the balcony to a soaking Walden peering into the house.  This encounter causes Alan to fling the urn containing the ashes of his brother in the air and sprinkle Charlie all over the living room. What a hoot!  The rest of the show basically kept up with the pace set by this hilarious chance encounter between Alan and Walden.  I guess, before we dismiss the new character as a lame replacement, let’s see what the rest of the season brings…

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