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Happy New Year

It has been a long while since I have written a proper post on this blog.  Since our Frenchie, Stitch’s passing in August I have not found any inspiration to fuel my writing so it was just as easy to almost just abandon the whole thing and re-post other people’s stories.  The summer ended and the “-ber” months began and with that a whole slew of other things distracted me completely from this blog. My husband and I immersed ourselves in our letterpress shop. I suppose the busy preparations for the holiday season and all the markets/events we’ve signed up for were some sort of blessing in disguise, but we both missed the numerous “interruptions” our dog presented us with.

Papa's Boy

Papa’s Boy

The gentle nudge with his round head at our hands which meant “pet me, please!”; the intense stares that translated to  “can I have a cookie, please” or the leaning against our legs with the “come sit on the couch and spend time with me, please” look. They were all irresistible and most times we gave in.

Stitch showed us how to slow down a bit, to be more aware of the present, to try balance your life, and most of all how to really care. We miss the Little Man terribly!

I also spent the NYE afternoon cleaning my computer and found a letter from a very good friend (LMO-Thanks!). While it is a message from 2010, she wrote great reminders to take with into this New Year of 2014! 

1. Kindness begets kindness. Many times, however, that ideal is not put to use. Even if others are unkind, be kind still. Do good even if others don’t.

2. Fear diminishes our will to survive. Life is too short for us to be afraid; we should maximize its essence.

3. Every single day — and everybody should know about this — big and small miracles happen.

Whatcha lookin' at, huh?

Whatcha lookin’ at, huh?

4. Feel free to be free. This feeling is the best drug, better than Valium, to lull oneself to sleep. Before falling asleep each night, wouldn’t it be an amazing feeling to be able to say, after saying a prayer, “I am freer today than yesterday!” Free from fears, free to be uniquely ourselves, free to say what we mean and mean what we say, free to genuinely enjoy and celebrate life.

5. What food is to body, prayer is to soul. In fact, a prayer, because it is encompassing, is the nourishment that keeps the mind and the spirit going. The importance of praying for each other, even for someone you do not know, is the essence of humanity.

6. Rewire your thinking pattern and your life will follow. Adopting the right mindset can make all of the difference in the world.

7. Everything that happens to your life is up to Him and up to you.

8. Learn the importance of saying “No” when you don’t feel like doing something. It will make you more free from anxiety and more honest to yourself and others.

9. People are not only creatures of logic, they, too, are creatures of emotion — these are the things I remember when I deal with people to avoid misunderstanding and conflict.

10. Time is important — to save a relationship, to make a fruitful meeting, to seal a deal, to propose to a loved one, to meet a friend. Time is too precious a commodity to waste.

11. This world is not all about us — our needs, our faults, our victories, our lonesomeness, our cravings, our ambitions. This world is also about others — their needs, their faults, their victories, their lonesomeness, their cravings, their ambitions. Those who still believe that the world is theirs to keep have not yet experienced what true love is. No man is an island and attending to others is the most potent kind of love of all.

12. Some relationships end. That fact, however, should not cow the human spirit to grow. The art of letting go is mathematically proportional to the art of self-preservation. Prolonged agony is detrimental to one’s health, therefore it is unnecessary. Those who, from time to time, feel cheated and abused are not the easiest people to love either by others or by themselves. What ends blossoms again when we move on and move up.

13. It is important to care for Mother Nature. After all, “she” is the only one we have.

14. Be an active blessing hunter. Find blessings in your experiences — good and bad. Seek them out in people you meet.

Smiley Face

Smiley Face

15. Laughter is as important as breathing. You forget about it and you perish. Laughter is the quickest break one mortal can take to momentary immortality.

16. Whiners are not gainers.

17. Some things can be done with the snap of a finger. Other beautiful things happen when we wait.

18. Spend time alone once in a while to be more attuned to yourself. Be silent and still. When was the last time you heard your own heartbeat? Sometimes, spending time alone always takes you to an inspiring, insightful journey.

19. Let’s forgive. American film and stage actor Tyler Perry once said: “When you haven’t forgiven those who’ve hurt you, you turn back against your future. When you do forgive, you start walking forward.”

20. Live and love. Dare and dream.

21. The most elegant thing is done in simplicity.

22. Celebrate the family — while the moment still matters, while the time still counts.

Happy times

Happy times



Can’t catch our breath….

Last week our little boy, Stitch, suddenly left us!

It is a real shock to us and we still can’t figure it out. He was scheduled for a lumpectomy on his right front paw which is a simple procedure. Because he was almost 11, the vet decided to only give him a low dosage of sedatives even though a few months ago he gave Stitch a clean bill of health. The vet just wanted to make sure, one can never be too sure about brachycephalic breeds. So we left our boy at the vet’s. Two hours later we received the devastating news. After about 20 minutes of giving him the sedative his beautiful little heart just stopped. Just like that!!! They did all they could to try and save our baby, but he wouldn’t wake up. We are so so sooo sad right now. And miss him dearly as we had never spent one day apart since we got him!

We love and miss you, Sweetheart!

Our Little Boy, Stitch

French Love

It is not a secret that I absolutely L-O-V-E French Bulldogs!  And I have to thank my husband for this obsession! Well…not entirely, I guess.  I was pre-disposed to love anything with a smushed face! When I was a child – oh, many, many moons ago – my parents gave me a teddy bear for Christmas! It was not your typical teddy bear, he could not sit on its bum like others. Instead he lay on my bed, pillow or belly like a stuffed rug. I often squished his muzzle back into his head to make him bulldog-like!  He was my sidekick, my friend, my hero, my security blanket – rolled into one soft, cushy, brown & white thing. I carried him around everywhere.  I loved “Tips”.

One of the saddest day in my life was when my younger brother accidentally hid him in one of those tube floor lamps while we were playing hide-and-seek and we turned the lights on.  It didn’t take long until we started smelling something burning and discovered smoke rising from the floor lamp. My heart stopped! I can’t even remember who valiantly tried to rescue him, but it was too late. His cute squished face was gone! My brother cried out of remorse, I cried for my loss. For days, even weeks I was inconsolable.

Fast forward to 2002. My husband and I were getting tired of coming home late to a quiet apartment.  We needed a distraction, an excuse to come home early from work. Hubby surprised me one evening with the words: “We should get a dog!”

“Impossible!” , I retorted. He would be neglected because we always worked late.

“Come see these dogs on the computer” he said.

I had been oblivious for days about how much research he had done to find the perfect dog for us! I peeked at the screen and there they were: 3 gorgeous, brindle Frenchies tagged, Small, Medium and Large Boy. I tried to nonchalantly hide my joy by telling him that we don’t have time for one of them.

“Which one would you pick if you had a choice?” he asked and read the description of each dog.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the dogs on the screen! They all looked like my beloved “Tips”! Can we really afford to look after a puppy with our busy work schedule? Can we financially take the responsibility? We had, after all, just bought our apartment and had gone on a crazy expensive Disneyland trip!

“…independent and less attached to the mother”, Hubby said.

“I want that one!”  I replied, not thinking my previous thoughts through and not really believing Hubby would do something as crazy as buying Small Boy (the one I picked), definitely an expensive dog!

He just got off the plane and was thirsty!

He just got off the plane and was thirsty!

A few weeks later the deed was done. The puppy was paid for and we just needed to wait a couple more weeks before the he could be taken away from his mother. On a cold and wet evening in December of 2002, Stitch arrived via plane from Cold Lake, Alberta at the Vancouver airport in a little kitty carrier. He was stinky from a little “accident” on his blanket, but he was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on this planet. My very own live “Tips” had come into my life!

I was instantly smitten!

Playing in his new bed!

Stitch as a puppy playing in his new bed!

peeps 03

His crate was too big then, we had to put a box at the back to lessen the square footage!

His crate was too big then, we had to put a box at the back to lessen the square footage!

This is Stitch (almost 11years old)  now! He has grown into a handsome Frenchie

This is Stitch (almost 11years old) now! He has grown into one handsome Frenchie!


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