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Tickled Pink!

A couple of days ago we managed to squeeze in a fourth card for our 2012 Valentine’s collection from District Dogs Designs. We brought some samples to a Vancouver store called, Bird On A Wire Creations, located on Main corner Broadway Street.

This evening, we witnessed a lady entering the store pushing a buggy in front of her, heading straight for the card stands! We held our breath as we watched her pick up one of our cards featuring a Valentine’s Owl!  She eyed it and turned it over a couple of times, then she put it back! My heart sank, but then she picked up the one featuring a Tree!  And this time she walked to the till with it! One of O.U.R cards.  I cannot tell you how excited and proud we felt! To top it all, the owner of the store, introduced us to her! Tickled Pink!!!



The creation of our own little letterpress shop (www.districtdogsdesigns.com), sparked my renewed interest in art around the world.  Surfing the web for inspiration for our upcoming Easter cards I stumbled upon this little video http://vimeo.com/24412432.  Karakuri are hand-made Japanese puppet ‘robots’ from the 17th – 19th century.  Check out the patience with which this gentleman produces this delicate artwork!  Not many Japanese doing this anymore….
Annex Karakuri Exhibition Room(ja:からくり展示館)

Image via Wikipedia

Cheeky New Addition

This is the reason why I have not posted any new recipes lately…hope this makes up for it!

District Dogs Designs

We decided to honour …ehem…this Christmas favourite by immortalizing it with a linocut print Holiday Greeting Card.

The ever so controversial Christmas Cake!

…and the love/hate relation we seem to have with it.


We thought so!

Get yours now!

$4.oo each CAD

Email us how many you would love to have, and we’ll take care of you!


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