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The Oakwood Canadian Bistro – a review

Last week, my hubby and I drove around Kitsilano (locally known as Kits) looking for a place to eat. We found ourselves on 4th Street which is lined with restaurants. I was very indecisive about where to dine, torn between vegetarian and exotic food. Urban Spoon suggested Naam, an Indian restaurant. We found parking right across the street. Unfortunately a line-up a block long was forming in front of the restaurant. As we stepped out of the car, we noticed  this fairly new place: The Oakwood Canadian Bistro. A sign advertising Special Mussels with frites for 10.00 CND from 5-8pm invited us to enter. The place oozed West-Coast coziness. It was actually fairly empty except for a few people, but we were told all tables were reserved, so we were ushered to the bar. We ordered our drinks: beer. The menu had a decent selection and showed two different kinds of mussels: in white wine broth or tomato coconut broth with chorizo. We decided that chorizo sounded good and so we ordered the Special Mussels a la Chorizo. Less than 1o minutes our entree was served! Then a gentleman – we suspected he was the owner or manager – appeared and told us that there had been a slight mistake with the orders. The Special Mussels were completely different form the ones listed on the menu. We said it didn’t really matter, so he apologized and gave us an order of  free french fries with truffle aioli.

The mussels were spectacular: fresh and juicy! Just the right amount of heat from the cuts of chorizo, and they came with home-made toasted corn bread which you used to clean up the broth with! Move over Chambar, these babies are worth a repeat! The fries were hot, cooked just right and the truffle infused aioli is yummy! We topped the evening off with an order of baked apple dumpling with vanilla ice cream – comfort food at its best! We asked for our  bill and to our surprise it turned out to be pretty affordable: 52.00 CDN including taxes! Not bad at all! We will definitely come back and recommend this restaurant to others!


Bellevue Pizzeria

There is a place in Bellevue, Washington that is worth going to, if you have a hankering for good pizza: Tuscan Stone Pizza – Bellevue. This joint is not a restaurant but a pizza food truck.  This mobile vehicle sits on an empty lot on the corner of Bellevue Way NE and Main Street.  They serve mouth-watering gourmet pizzas and accept credit cards.  The place is  open 7 days a week, from 11 AM to 8PM throughout the year!  Yes, even winter!  The three guys that manage the truck say they keep warm by the oven when the temperature turns chilly.  Their pizzas are made fresh on a prepping table and baked for 90 seconds in an oven fueled by applewood.  The thin dough balloons around the edges once it comes in contact with the blistering heat of the oven.

My husband and I usually order a large Garlic Vegetarian and another large Meat Lover.  Both got great flavor and the prices were very reasonable ($7.95 before tax for the small, $14.95 for the large).  And if you’re short on cash, they conveniently accept credit cards.  The people are friendly, service is great and the pizzas are fantastic!  Mangiamo!

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