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Help Brody!

I am crazy about French Bulldogs and belong to a wonderful facebook group called “I Love French Bulldogs”, where all members share their love for all things Frenchie related!

Yesterday one of the members posted that his dog, Brody, was diagnosed with IVDD.  Canine intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is a common problem seen by veterinarians. Signs of IVDD  include back pain, walking wobbly, inability to stand, inability to move the rear legs, or even paralysis. Vets familiar with this disease usually request for an MRI as this is often the choice when visualizing the soft tissues of the body, including the nervous system. These symptoms are very scary and require immediate attention!

Treatment of IVDD can be non-surgical or surgical. The non-surgical approach involves crating the animal with pain medication to keep them calm. Dogs with more severe symptoms (such as recurring back pain or who do not respond well to rest) are encouraged to go with surgery. Unfortunately, most dog owners do not know how much money this can cost them and most do not have pet insurance. For those who own a French Bulldog, I urge you to check out this very informative link from Tamara Lakeman. Please, read her very helpful blog on IVDD and pet insurance!

BrodyBrody, unfortunately, had to to the surgery and his owner  is caught with this sudden and unexpected expense that run into thousands of dollars. I am conveying his plea for a little financial help that any of you readers might be able to offer. Even $1.00 dollar will help! Please visit this little guy’s GOFUNDME page.  If you are unable to donate at his time, at least share his petition among your friends.


Adoptables List Update


For those who are thinking of a pet to own – consider these rescues! Who knows you might find “your” dog among them and they in turn will live with a forever family…


Love & Second Chances

We just updated our list of adoptables! Please check out some of our amazing dogs looking for their forever homes! A special thanks to all our foster homes for joining our team. Fostering saves lives, help us save more! If you are interested in becoming a foster home submit an online application, click here. If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs listed below please submit an online application, click here.

ADOPTABLES: Click here for adoption process.

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Happy Birthday, Stitch!

Our French Bulldog, Stitch, turns nine today!  Happy Birthday, my Boy! 

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  “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.”
Louis Sabin

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