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Paper animation

Check these videos on paper animation out! They are just mind-blowing! Thanks, Chalkmind!


There are tons of methods to make an animation, and this post is all about paper animations. There are so many ways to make it, stop-motion, cut out or just moving them with hands, they can be very creative with only few resources. Some are more labored with paper sculptures, taking more time to build it, and others combine two or more techniques together. Below you’ll find some great paper animations! Enjoy!

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Not an Ordinary Snowflake


Here’s another edition to my love for paper! Intricate, isn’t it?


Design Insider

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My Paper Toy Has Sneakers On, What Does Yours Do?

I love paper and the things you can do with it! Now isn’t this amazing?


Shin Tanaka has taken the idea of paper toys and turned them into a contemporary designer must have item for toy collectors the world over. Paper sneakers? Gotta love em.

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