Three musketeers…

I have a BIG soft spot for French Bulldogs and there are currently three (aside from Stitch) that have captured my heart and attention! Little fighters for a chance at a good life!

The first one is a very small Frenchie from South Florida, aptly named Tiny Tim.  Tiny Tim was born with a cleft-palate four years ago and was rescued by good people who have devoted all their time and finances to giving the ‘little’ guy a chance at life.  He has been doing pretty well, given that he has other major health issues that plague him. But his rescuers have prevailed so far and it has indeed been 4 years! timLately however, he has not been able to maintain a healthy weight and the owners found out he has hiatal hernia, which is quite serious given that he already suffers from an in-operable cleft palate. Tiny Tim’s parents are not asking for money but any advice or direction to someone (an individual/ a group/an institute) who would/could help maybe help him with some of his problems. The most pressing one is his weight loss.  If you have any leads for the family that is trying to save him, here’s their link:

The second Frenchie is already a famous little one, also has a cleft palate.  Due to his mom’s great instinctive marketing skills, Lenny, the Lentil (that’s the little dude’s name) has already won the hearts of many. He even made it on TV and there is a great big fan base following and routing for him. lentilBut he’s not only helping his kind, his popularity has also reached out to and included the Children’s Craniofacial Association ( and has raised awareness for this group. If you want to follow Lentil’s story click here:

The third candidate for love is Merlot, better known as Murray Muffin, a three legged Frenchie from Ohio. Murray lost his leg in 2012 due to bone cancer and he’s been battling the disease since. Just a few hours ago he went for his 7th Chemo session and he seems to be doing just fine. His mom usually gives him a hamburger as a treat afterwards. flafMurray’s battle-cry is FLAF – Fight Like A Frenchie! His mom had many colorful doggie bandanas made with his slogan that has done really well among his followers. He has a brother named Finn, and together they post pictures of other Frenchies ‘chinnin’. If you wish to know what this means, check Murray out at:

Please, respect the owners of all the pages/sites. If you have nothing positive or encouraging to say/write, just refrain from posting any comments at all ! MANY THANKS!


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