French Love

It is not a secret that I absolutely L-O-V-E French Bulldogs!  And I have to thank my husband for this obsession! Well…not entirely, I guess.  I was pre-disposed to love anything with a smushed face! When I was a child – oh, many, many moons ago – my parents gave me a teddy bear for Christmas! It was not your typical teddy bear, he could not sit on its bum like others. Instead he lay on my bed, pillow or belly like a stuffed rug. I often squished his muzzle back into his head to make him bulldog-like!  He was my sidekick, my friend, my hero, my security blanket – rolled into one soft, cushy, brown & white thing. I carried him around everywhere.  I loved “Tips”.

One of the saddest day in my life was when my younger brother accidentally hid him in one of those tube floor lamps while we were playing hide-and-seek and we turned the lights on.  It didn’t take long until we started smelling something burning and discovered smoke rising from the floor lamp. My heart stopped! I can’t even remember who valiantly tried to rescue him, but it was too late. His cute squished face was gone! My brother cried out of remorse, I cried for my loss. For days, even weeks I was inconsolable.

Fast forward to 2002. My husband and I were getting tired of coming home late to a quiet apartment.  We needed a distraction, an excuse to come home early from work. Hubby surprised me one evening with the words: “We should get a dog!”

“Impossible!” , I retorted. He would be neglected because we always worked late.

“Come see these dogs on the computer” he said.

I had been oblivious for days about how much research he had done to find the perfect dog for us! I peeked at the screen and there they were: 3 gorgeous, brindle Frenchies tagged, Small, Medium and Large Boy. I tried to nonchalantly hide my joy by telling him that we don’t have time for one of them.

“Which one would you pick if you had a choice?” he asked and read the description of each dog.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the dogs on the screen! They all looked like my beloved “Tips”! Can we really afford to look after a puppy with our busy work schedule? Can we financially take the responsibility? We had, after all, just bought our apartment and had gone on a crazy expensive Disneyland trip!

“…independent and less attached to the mother”, Hubby said.

“I want that one!”  I replied, not thinking my previous thoughts through and not really believing Hubby would do something as crazy as buying Small Boy (the one I picked), definitely an expensive dog!

He just got off the plane and was thirsty!

He just got off the plane and was thirsty!

A few weeks later the deed was done. The puppy was paid for and we just needed to wait a couple more weeks before the he could be taken away from his mother. On a cold and wet evening in December of 2002, Stitch arrived via plane from Cold Lake, Alberta at the Vancouver airport in a little kitty carrier. He was stinky from a little “accident” on his blanket, but he was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on this planet. My very own live “Tips” had come into my life!

I was instantly smitten!

Playing in his new bed!

Stitch as a puppy playing in his new bed!

peeps 03

His crate was too big then, we had to put a box at the back to lessen the square footage!

His crate was too big then, we had to put a box at the back to lessen the square footage!

This is Stitch (almost 11years old)  now! He has grown into a handsome Frenchie

This is Stitch (almost 11years old) now! He has grown into one handsome Frenchie!



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dog-lover (my Frenchie); yoga-fan; wanna-be graphic designer; doesn't know how to swim but is learning to sail; enjoys food & cooking; bookworm; can't live without music; loves sunny days; runs a small letterpress shop with hubby called District Dogs Designs

6 responses to “French Love”

  1. fayemerrill says :

    Wonderful. I read this in bed listening to my Frenchie, Ziggy, snore at my feet. She’s 6 1/2 & colored exactly like Stitch. They are such comical sweet smart special companions. You know I lost Lulu last week. Ziggy is still looking for her.
    Thank you for writing about your story. It made me feel much better. My hope is for Ziggy to have a long healthy life.

  2. koolimut says :

    Oh dear! I am so sorry to hear about your loss! It is always devastating but I hope you and Ziggy will feel better soon. Just keep her in your hearts and remember her! Lulu knows how you both feel and in time she will help you both overcome grief.

    Thank you for reading my posts. If you happen to be on facebook, there is a French Bulldog-oriented group that I belong to: I Love French Bulldogs. The members there are all so supportive of one another – a great place to seek refuge if you are sad or troubled, or to seek advice. You don’t even have to own a Frenchie! Maybe you would like to take a peek…we welcome everybody!

  3. says :

    Thank you. I will look into the group at Facebook soon.

  4. katemcclafferty says :

    Oh my goodness!!! He’s such a handsome boy!! I just love his little face. Wish you lived closer so we could get him and Frank together:)

  5. Joseph Mallozzi says :

    What a cutie!

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