Chili Pepper

I have named my resurrected mountain bike: Chili Pepper!

A while ago, my husband found me this great looking MTB on craigslist.  It had been sitting in the garage for some time over the dreary months of winter, while I continued procrastinating doing something about cardio exercise. Much needed cardio exercise, mind you! I have been blaming the closure of our beloved yoga studio for the increasing circumference around my mid-section, but really, I am the one to blame!  I did start a home yoga session using Yogamazing and it is great, but there is something more encouraging to practice as a community (I just need to persevere!).  Aside from the great benefits that comes with having a regular yoga practice, I have been told by my Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist, that my body is the type that needs to move a lot and not sit at a desk  for hours, ergo, I need to incorporate more physical activities in my daily life!

Enter Chili Pepper. I did have the bike looked at by the great people at Lynn Valley Bikes.  They did a tune-up, changed the old tires to spiffy new Kenda Small Block 8’s, installed a new front hydraulic disc brake from Shimano and removed the old grips and replaced them with Ergo Grips which I purchased from MEC. As soon as I got the chance to ride, I took it to nearby Karen Magnussen Park for a few rounds.  I was giddy! Wind in my hair (under a helmet, of course!) with -what people might consider a grimace rather than- a big grin on my face, I pedalled my way through the wooded area near the park.  I was out of breath pretty quickly but I was happy!

Over the next few days, my husband helped me install a new bike-saddle that is a bit more forgiving than the old torn one, and a Filzer bike rack, that doubles as back fenders to keep the mud off me.  We added front fenders, too, as I realized that coming home from a short ride through -what I thought- a bit of muck, the underside of the bike and myself were covered in dirt!  Recently my husband let me purchase an Axiom Market Basket from BSP Bike Store. I had been bugging him to send me on grocery errands in the evenings, so he gave up and helped me with the installation of the removable basket, too!

Isn't Chili Pepper hot?

Isn’t Chili Pepper hot?

Recently I also found out  that Chili Pepper is an old (maybe circa 1996-1998) mountain bike made by Hillside Mountain Bikes in West Vancouver. I was ballsy and curious enough to e-mail them a picture of Chili and Stephen Hynes the owner, responded!

Now I am looking forward to some great weather and many more grocery errands! 🙂


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