I’m back!

I have been on hiatus for quite some time. So this post is to bring readers up to date on what I/we have been up to…

Our letterpress shop/studio, District Dogs Designs, did pretty well during the months leading up to Christmas, and we enjoyed ourselves at the events and markets we attended.  But all this meant that I had barely time to even browse through WordPress.com anymore. So this year I have promised myself to balance my life a little better.

The letterpress studio has now started applying for the next batch of events happening this Spring/Summer in Vancouver, BC. We are hoping to secure a few spots  at various key functions and markets; and hope to make it through all the jurying processes!  There are so many to choose from this year and we, as a small company, are now more confident in our capabilities as a print making shop! We have some exciting projects in the pipeline which we will start rolling out pretty soon! So for you who are local and are interested in the DIY/Handmade Revolution, stay tuned!

District Dogs also joined a local letterpress group called, the Vancouver Letterpress League, where like-minded people get together to discuss and propagate our love for all things letterpress! It’s still a small, but growing society and it is our goal to raise public awareness for letterpress, bookbinding and papermaking!

On the personal side of things, our beloved yoga studio, Body Harmony Yoga Studio, has temporarily closed its doors, and my husband and I are forced to make alternate plans. We (or rather I)  fell in love almost three years ago now, and this has been my main source of exercise since.  I am currently setting myself (ourselves)  up for at least a couple of 60-minute home sessions with the help of podcasts provided by Yogamazing! I’ll let you know how this pans out!


Y2Play passes from Grouse Mountain are available again and we are debating on getting them again! Skiing/boarding the local mountains is very convenient for us as we literally live 10 minutes away from the local attraction.  This activity has also proven to be a killer work-out without the boredom of a stuffy gym! Plus you have this fantastic view of Vancouver night or day from up there!day

Another sport  I am taking up again is biking. As I get older, I realize that (physical, mental and spiritual) balance is the key to a more peaceful, enjoyable and happy life! What better to restore this balance than by spending some time on a bike! Late last year, my husband found and bought me an old mountain bike from craigslist for a mere hundred bucks! I just have to get it back to life by cleaning and maybe changing a few components to make it ride-safe again.  We also have attended a basic bike maintenance course at MEC in North Vancouver, which got me so excited about biking that I plan to attend more intermediate to advanced courses with my husband.  The mountain bike is sitting in the garage waiting for me to bring it to Lynn Valley Bikes to show the hydraulic (?) brakes to an experienced mechanic. In the mean time, we spend most of our time with our crazy dogs, Stitch & Boo, and designing/carving/printing in the studio.dogs


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dog-lover (my Frenchie); yoga-fan; wanna-be graphic designer; doesn't know how to swim but is learning to sail; enjoys food & cooking; bookworm; can't live without music; loves sunny days; runs a small letterpress shop with hubby called District Dogs Designs

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