If you care, please read and share!

A little Frenchie is need of help!  Izzy is suffering from intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). The symptoms can include: dragging one or both hind or front legs, ‘toeing over’ in which the toes roll over when the dogs tries to walk, or paralysis in all four limbs.  If the symptoms are not recognized early enough and the disease advances, the only chance to a possible full recovery is surgery.  Due to the high cost of such a procedure, some people opt for the inevitable. But there are many that will bravely face the financial consequences, even though most cannot afford it!  Please, read about Izzy and her owner, Renee, here.  Find some heart and donate, every dollar counts! If you can’t, then please, pass this message on.


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dog-lover (my Frenchie); yoga-fan; wanna-be graphic designer; doesn't know how to swim but is learning to sail; enjoys food & cooking; bookworm; can't live without music; loves sunny days; runs a small letterpress shop with hubby called District Dogs Designs

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  1. koolimut says :

    Jayne and saltymom – thank you for re-blogging! ❤

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