An Eventful Weekend

This post was part of the reason for my relative inactivity on “tidbits ‘n bites” lately – good enough excuse?

District Dogs Designs

New Press. Wine. Wayzgoose.

The latest trip south of the 49th was pretty great!

The reason for the trip was to visit the King’s Books 8th annual Wayzgoose, a letterpress printers festival in Tacoma, WA. This was the first time we have  visited the event. It was also a good excuse to pick up an old proof press I had secured a few weeks back as well as few other needed supplies – The art supply stores in the States, such as Daniel Smith and Blick are GREAT and almost always have what you need. So much for “Buy Local” but it is the closest stock we can find sometimes:(

Saturday morning we made a trip into Issaquah, WA to pick up the proof press from a gentleman located on Tiger Mountain.

Issaquah WA

The press is, from what I gather, a late 1800’s Challenge proof press. The following pictures are of…

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