A new Press, or two…

My excuse for the non-existing posts…It’s a good one, eh?

District Dogs Designs

It’s been some time since the last post – we’ve been busy (and we like it!). We have since made a couple of trips to Seattle to pick up a number of Letterpress finds. One of them…actually…it turned out to be two of them being vintage presses – Two Kelsey Excelsior 3×5 platen presses. We had never thought much about having one of these little guys because of their somewhat limited ability. We tend to run rather quickly with ideas and therefore don’t usually like to start small, hence our first press acquisition was the 2300lb 12×18 C&P and we love it! We can’t get enough of it! When the little Kelsey became available to us we immediately thought of it’s potential and had to have it. We coaxed a family member to agree to pick it up for us from Forest Lake Park just north of Seattle – Thanks Algo!

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dog-lover (my Frenchie); yoga-fan; wanna-be graphic designer; doesn't know how to swim but is learning to sail; enjoys food & cooking; bookworm; can't live without music; loves sunny days; runs a small letterpress shop with hubby called District Dogs Designs

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