Still inseparable

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A few nights ago, Stitch continued his little love affair with his Raw Hide!  He sprawled onto his donut-bed and chewed it to bits, grunting and snorting! Before bed time, he frantically looked for a new place to hide the gooey piece of hide. He went all over the house huffing and puffing!  But Stitch went back to his original hiding place, lifted the mattress from his donut-bed  and under the ‘thing’ went. He gently plopped the mattress back over it and tried to move his blankie over top to conceal his treasure even more.  Finally, the hide was completely out of sight!  He stood before his donut-bed and just stared at it for the longest time.  “Is this a safe enough place?” he seems to be thinking.  Then he un-earthed the ‘thing’ again, grabbed it with his jowls and disappeared somewhere. Hubby and I were both working on our computers and decided to let him be for a moment.

Few moments passed when I heard soft whimpering coming from the upstairs area!  It was Stitch! He had buried his treasure between a pile of paper and a bookcase! To him it was hidden, but to us it was still in plain sight!  He was all stretched out in front of the room guarding it with watchful eyes. He wasn’t about to let us in the room! I wonder how long this affair will last?


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