Happy Easter

Enhanced Burger

Lunch is a meal that is just as important as breakfast to me! I have to have something that will fuel me through the afternoon into the early evening just before I start prepping for dinner! Breaks are a luxury at work so I need something substantial. Today was one of those days when we had no time to prepare something for lunch and we ended up buying plain cheeseburgers! Blah!

Enter the avocado! I mashed half of it and spread it over the cheeseburger! Voilà! Bon appetit! 😃


A plea to help end Canine Cancer

I am a member of the facebook I Love French Bulldog page! I love the interaction with other French Bulldog owners! We share pictures of our dogs, grooming, eating and health tips. And in the process we have built some really good friendships. But as with all relationships, there are ups and downs. Canine cancer is one of the bad ones.


Canine cancer affects one dog out of three! That is the shocking truth! There are many kinds of cancer and many different kinds of treatments. But there is still NO cure. That is why research is so important. It is vital for  future treatments to be successful so our beloved four-legged friends can have a longer and better quality of life.  Please, help them receive the treatments they need.

If you happen to own a dog or a French Bulldog in particular, I urge you to consider donating your next “latte change” to this very noble cause, 2014 San Diego K9 Cancer Walk. This event is happening this weekend, February 22nd.

Just remember that our pets, too, are part of our families.


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